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Сохраним леса вместе. Are you a creative filmmaker with a passion for the environment? WWF is asking talented and innovative filmmakers to help us celebrate our 50th anniversary. Produce an original film up to a maximum of two minutes on the theme: "Life. Nature. You. Make the Connection". The winner will receive funds and full support from WWF's global network to produce a special short film that will help us inspire people to love, value and protect the natural world. International Year of Forests Trees-Gridshell for urban people. They can provide technical solutions to problems concerning tree vitality in urban areas, but they also need to be trained in tree planning and planting in an urban environment. Trees in densely populated areas face some daunting challenges: their growth and survival are threatened by space limitations, mediocre soil quality, water inadequacy and nutrient deficiency, to name but a few. Urban dwellers are increasingly recognizing the importance of trees and other vegetation beyond their visual contribution to the cityscape. Trees give us so much. Trees for Cities creates social cohesion and beautifies our cities through tree planting, community-led design, education and training initiatives in urban areas that need it most. Tree planting is a wonderful way of bringing different communities together around a shared goal. A large tree can provide enough oxygen for the daily requirements of ten people, and catches dust and pollutants on its leaves. Studies have shown that patients in hospital rooms with views of trees and plants made fewer requests for pain medication and experienced a speedier recovery following surgery than did patients with views of streets and buildings from their windows. Residents help choose the trees, shape the designs and implement the plantings. The average home could save up to a tenth of its annual heating and cooling expenditure with the natural winter insulation and summer shade provided by trees. We can protect our natural resources and cool our city by using technology to re-create the healthy functions of a forest in an urban setting. What type of technology? Forest-city-tree-Gridshell innovations. minimum waste of materials and welding A gridshell is a structure which derives its strength from its double curvature (in the same way that a fabric structure derives strength from double curvature), but is constructed of a grid or lattice. The grid can be made of any material, but is most often wood (similar to garden trellis) or steel. Gridshells were pioneered in the 1896 by Russian engineer Vladimir Shukhov in constructions of exhibition pavilions of the All-Russia industrial and art exhibition 1896 in Nizhny Novgorod. Meccano was invented in 1901 in England by Frank Hornby 1928 Fuller’s 4D House maximum tension